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AB*.zip files should be extracted to the c:\lpfsystems\agribusiness folder.

Release Release Date Release Details Download Files
Reports 2019/09/01 Diesel Rebate. Fixed calculations for multiple entries per year
2018/05/30 VAT 201. Fixed calculations of columns 19 & 20
2018/06/27 VAT 201. Fixed allocation of VAT on Balance sheet items to correct Return items.
2018/07/25 VAT 201. Fixed error when Accepting a VAT period in the non-wizard screen.. Download
Asset Register 2018/06/25 Only Post Fuel Transactions to Worksheet for dates specified.
2018/07/26 Fixed VAT allocations on ‘Brandstof Toewysings’ Download
Diesel Rebate Reports 2018/07/26 Diesel Activity Transactions By Vehicle Download
2018/07/26 Diesel Activity Transactions VAT Allocation fixed Download
Customers 2018/07/02 Opening balance on statement was incorrect.
2018/07/10 List of balances showed no data.
2018/08/20 Restrict Invoicing to Active and NOT Blocked Customers. Download
Worksheet 2018/08/20 Restrict Customers and Creditors to Active Accounts Only. Download
LPF Register 2019/09/03 Register LPF AgriBusiness with this tool. Download
Setup 2019/09/04 LPF Setup update. Download