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Your business, your money, your future!

LPF focuses on the financial side of your business. Our system helps you to capture your data quickly and correctly because that is the starting point to get to your business’s financial intelligence. Import you bank and cooperative statements in a flash. Train the system to remember allocations made to certain accounts and you don’t have to do it the next month … or ever!

Managing your business is far more important than looking at the history once a year. Therefore you need tools and assistance for the road ahead and not for the road behind you. Allocate all transactions to departments/centers/farms, etc. Product allocations group income and expenses to a product. This allows you to determine whether the product/service is profitable.

LPF developed an user-friendly financial and management system to help you.

LPF AgriBusiness was developed for the farming industry.


Absa clients, rather use the CSV format to download bank statements. The OFX/OFC format has a limit on the Description field and the CSV file not. You would loose a part of your Reference in the OFX format.